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The percentage change calculator is used to calculate the exact percentage increase or percentage decrease from one initial value or number to another final value. For a detailed explanation of how this perecentage change calculator works and how to calculate percentage change see below.

How to Calculate Percentage Change

The formula used to calculate percentage change is the following: Percentage Change (%) = (Final Value - Initial Value)Initial Value × 100.

Using this formula, when numbers increase, you can work out the percentage increase. Conversely, when numbers decrease, you can work out the percentage decrease.

Percentage increase example:

If your mortgage payment is increasing from $875 to $950 per month, you may wish to know what the percentage increase in your new mortgage is. Using the equation above we get:

  • Percentage Change (%) = (Final Value - Initial Value)Initial Value × 100.

  • Percentage Change (%) = (950 - 875)875 × 100.

  • Percentage Change (%) = 75875 × 100.

  • Percentage Change (%) = 0.0857 × 100.

  • Therefore, the monthly mortgage payment in this example increased by 8.57%.


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