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Browse a wide selection of unit converters to convert the many combinations of different units you encounter on a day to day basis:


Convert between kilometers per second per second (km/s/s), meters per second per hour (m/s/hr), miles per second per hour (mi/s/hr), centimeters per day per ye…

Amount of Substance

Convert between moles (mol), atoms (atom), millimoles (mmol), molecules (molecule), kilomoles (kmol), centimoles (cmol) and many other variations of amount of …


Convert between radians (rad), degrees (deg), arcminute (arcmin), circle fractions (1/n), gradians (grad), percent (%), quarter points (qp) and many other var…


Convert between acres (ac), hectares (ha), square kilometers (km2), square feet (ft2), square miles (mi2) and many other variations of area units.


Convert between farad (F), coulomb/volt (C/V), jar (jar), kilofarad (kF), puff (pF), second/ohm (s/Ω), electrostatic unit (esu), and many other variations of c…

Data Storage

Convert between bits (b), bytes (B), kilobytes (kB), megabytes (MB), gigabytes (GB), terabytes (TB), petabytes (PB), megabits (Mb) and many other variations of…

Data Transfer Rate

Convert between megabytes per second (MB/s), gigabytes per minute (GB/min), gigabytes per hour (GB/hr), terabytes per day (TB/day), petabytes per year (PB/yr) …


Convert between kilograms per liter (kg/L), milligram per tablespoon (mg/tbsp), ton per gallon (t/gal), ounce per cubic yard (oz/yd3) and many other variations…

Dynamic Viscosity

Convert between pounds per feet per hour (lb/ft/hr), kilograms per meter per second (kg/m/s), ounces per inch per hour (oz/in/hr), milligrams per centimeter pe…

Electric Charge

Convert between coulombs (C), ampere-second (A∙s) abcoulombs (abC), franklin (Fr), kilocoulomb (kC), faraday constant (F), electronic charge (q) and many other…

Electric Conductance

Convert between mho (℧), siemens (S), millimho (m℧), centisiemens (cS), kilomho (k℧), kilosiemens (kS), micromho (μ℧) and many other electric conductance units.

Electric Current

Convert between amperes (A), electrostatic unit of current (esu), milliamperes (mA), siemen volts (S∙V), kiloamperes (kA) and many other variations of electric…

Electric Resistance

Convert between ohms (Ω), kiloohms (kΩ), microohms (μΩ), volt/ampere (V/A), abohm (abΩ) and many other variations of electric resistance units.


Convert between joules (J), electron volts (eV), calories (cal), watthours (W∙h), foot poundals (ft∙pdl) and many other variations of energy units.


Convert between newtons (N), kilogram-force (kgf), ounce-force (ozf), poundal (pdl), joule/meter (J/m), kilonewton (kN), meganewton (MN) and many other variati…


Convert between hertz (Hz), gigahertz (GHz), megahertz (MHz), cycles per second (c/s), revolutions per millisecond (rev/ms), RPM (RPM), degrees per hour (deg/h…

Fuel Consumption

Convert between miles per gallon (mi/gal), miles per liter (mi/L), kilometers per liter (km/L), meters per gallon (m/gal) and many other variations of fuel con…


Convert between centimeters (cm), feet (ft), inches (in), and meters (m).


Convert between henry (H), kilohenry (kH), megahenry (MH), millihenry (mH), microhenry (μH), exahenry (EH) and many other variations of inductance units.

Length & Distance

Convert between miles (mi), kilometers (km), decimeters (dm), light years (ly), meters (m), inches (in), feet (ft), centimeters (cm) and many other variations …

Luminous Intensity

Convert between candela (cd), candlepower (cp), millicandela (mcd), violle (violle), hefner unit (HK) and many other variations of luminous intensity units.

Magnetic Flux

Convert between milliweber (mWb), kiloweber (kWb), weber (Wb), teraweber (TWb) and many other variations of magnetic flux units.

Magnetomotive Force

Convert between ampere-turn (AT), electrostatic unit of current (esu), milliampere-turn (mAT), siemen volts (S∙V), kiloampere-turn (kAT) and many other variati…

Mass & Weight

Convert between kilograms (kg), pounds (lb), ounces (oz), carats (ct), newtons (N), grams (g), tons (t) and many other variations of mass & weight units.

Mass Flow Rate

Convert between pounds per hour (lb/hr), kilograms per day (kg/day), ounces per second (oz/s), tons per month (t/mo), milligrams per nanosecond (mg/ns) and man…

Mass Flux

Convert between kilograms per second per meter squared (kg/s/m2), pounds per hour per foot per foot (lb/s/ft2), grams per second per meter per meter (g/s/m2), …

Mole Flow Rate

Convert between mole per day (mol/day), millimole per second (mmol/s), gigamole per week (Gmol/wk), megamole per year (Mmol/yr), micromole per minute (µmol/min…


Convert between watts (W), joules per hour (J/hr), calories per hour (cal/hr), megawatt (MW), gigawatt (GW), poncelet (p), erg (erg) and many other variations …


Convert between deca (da), deci (d), kilo (k), milli (m), micro (µ), mega (M), giga (G), nano (n), peta (P), pico (p), exa (E), atto (a) and many other variati…


Convert between bar (bar), pascal (Pa), millihg (mHg), torr (Torr), pieze (pz), atmosphere (atm) and many other variations of pressure units.

Radiation Exposure

Convert between coulomb per kilogram (C/kg), roentgen (R), parker (parker), rep (rep), millicoulomb per pound (mC/lb), tissue roentgen (R) and many other varia…

Sound Level

Convert between decibels (dB), nepers (Np), bels (B), millibels (mB), microbels (µB), decabels (daB), hectobels (hB), millinepers (mNp) and many other variatio…

Substance Concentration

Convert between moles per liter (mol/L), molar (M), micromoles per cubic meter (µmol/m3), millimoles per cup (mmol/c), nanomolar (nM) and many other variations…

Surface Tension

Convert between newtons per meter (N/m), millinewtons per inches (mN/in), ounce-force per foot (ozf/ft), poundal per centimeter (pdl/cm) and many other variati…


Convert between degrees fahrenheit (°F), degrees celsius or centigrade (°C), kelvin (K), degrees réaumur (°Ré), degrees newton (°N) and many other variations o…


Convert between seconds (s), days (days), years (yr), olympiads (olympiads), weeks (wk), months (mo), jubilees (jubilees) and many other variations of time uni…


Convert between newton-meter (N∙m), dyne centimeter (dyn∙cm), poundal foot (pdl∙ft), kilopond millimeter (kp∙mm) and many other variations of torque units.


Convert between kilometers per hour (km/h), meters per second (m/s), centimeters per second (cm/s), yards per minute (yd/min) and many other variations of velo…


Convert between volts (V), kilovolts (kV), millivolts (mV), gigavolts (GV), megavolts (MV) and many other variations of voltage units.


Convert between gallons (gal), liters (L), cubic inches (in3), cups (c), milliliters (mL), liquid ounces (oz) and many other variations of volume units.

Volume Flow Rate

Convert between gallons per hour (gal/hr), liters per minute (L/min), milliliter per second (mL/s), pint per day (pt/day) and many other variations of volume f…

Water Weight

Convert between cups (c), gallons (gal), liters (L), milliters (mL), and pints (pt) of water to pounds (lb), ounces (oz), grams (g), kilograms (kg) and many ot…

Weight to Volume

Convert between pounds (lb) and cubic feet (ft3), kilograms (kg) and cubic meters (m3), ounces (oz) and gallons (gal), milligrams (mg) and liters (L) and many …



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