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Angle Unit Converter

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Description: Convert between radians (rad), degrees (deg), arcminute (arcmin), circle fractions (1/n), gradians (grad), percent (%), quarter points (qp) and many other variations of angle units.

Supported Conversion Units for the Angle Unit Converter

  • Angular Mils (mil)

  • Arcminute (arcmin)

  • Arcsecond (arcsec)

  • Binary Degree (bdeg)

  • Binary Radians (brad)

  • Centesimal Minutes of Arc (cMOA)

  • Centesimal Seconds of Arc (cSOA)

  • Centiarcminute (carcmin)

  • Centiarcsecond (carcsec)

  • Centiradians (crad)

  • Centiturns (ccyc)

  • Circle Fraction (circle)

  • Clock Position (O'Clock)

  • Compass Point or Wind (p)

  • Degrees (deg)

  • Diameter Part (øpart)

  • Gradians (grad)

  • Gon (gon)

  • Hexacontade (hc)

  • Hour Angles (HA)

  • Microarcminute (marcmin)

  • Microarcsecond (marcsec)

  • Milliarcminute (μarcmin)

  • Milliarcsecond (μarcsec)

  • Milliradian (mrad)

  • Milliturns (mcyc)

  • Minutes of Time (mot)

  • Nanoarcminute (narcmin)

  • Nanoarcsecond (narcsec)

  • Nanoradian (nrad)

  • Nanoturns (ncyc)

  • Octant (oct)

  • One Full Circle (cyc)

  • Pechus (pechus)

  • Percent (%)

  • Point (p)

  • Quadrant (quad)

  • Quarter Points (qp)

  • Radians (rad)

  • Revolution (rev)

  • Seconds of Time (sot)

  • Sextant (60°)

  • Signs (30°)

  • Turns (cyc)


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