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Description: Convert between joules (J), electron volts (eV), calories (cal), watthours (W∙h), foot poundals (ft∙pdl) and many other variations of energy units.

Supported Conversion Units for the Energy Unit Converter

  • Attojoules (aJ)

  • Board of Trade Unit (BOTU)

  • British Thermal Units (BTU)

  • Btu Thermochemical (BTU)

  • Calorie 15°c (cal)

  • Calories I.T. (cal)

  • Calories Nutritional (cal)

  • Calories Thermochemical (cal)

  • Celsius Heat Unit (chu)

  • Centijoules (cJ)

  • Cheval Vapeur Heure (cvh)

  • Decajoules (daJ)

  • Decijoules (dJ)

  • Dekajoules (daJ)

  • Dekatherm (dth)

  • Dekawatt Hour (daW∙h)

  • Electronvolt (eV)

  • Ergs (erg)

  • Exajoules (EJ)

  • Exawatt Hours (EW∙h)

  • Femtojoules (fJ)

  • Foot Poundals (ft∙pdl)

  • Foot Pound Force (ft∙lbf)

  • Gallon USA of Automotive Gasoline (gal)

  • Gallon USA of Aviation Gasoline (gal)

  • Gallon USA of Diesel Oil (gal)

  • Gallon USA of Distillate no. 2 Fuel Oil (gal)

  • Gallon USA of Kerosene (gal)

  • Gallon USA of Kerosene Type Jet Fuel (gal)

  • Gallon USA of LPG (gal)

  • Gallon USA of Naphtha Type Jet Fuel (gal)

  • Gallon USA of Residual Fuel Oil (gal)

  • Gallon UK of Automotive Gasoline (gal)

  • Gallon UK of Aviation Gasoline (gal)

  • Gallon UK of Diesel Oil (gal)

  • Gallon UK of Distillate no. 2 Fuel Oil (gal)

  • Gallon UK of Kerosene (gal)

  • Gallon UK of Kerosene Type Jet Fuel (gal)

  • Gallon UK of LPG (gal)

  • Gallon UK of Naphtha Type Jet Fuel (gal)

  • Gallon UK of Residual Fuel Oil (gal)

  • Gigacalories 15°C (Gcal)

  • Gigacalories I.T. (Gcal)

  • Gigaelectronvolt (GeV)

  • Gigajoules (GJ)

  • Gigawatt Hour (GW∙h)

  • Gram Calorie (gcal)

  • Hartree (Eh)

  • Hectojoules (hJ)

  • Hectowatt Hours (hW∙h)

  • Horsepower Hour (hp∙h)

  • Hundred Cubic Foot of Natural Gas (CCF)

  • Inch Ounce (in∙oz)

  • Inch Pound (in∙lb)

  • Joules (J)

  • Kilocalories 15°C (kcal)

  • Kilocalories I.T. (kcal)

  • Kilocalories Thermochemical (kcal)

  • Kiloelectronvolt (keV)

  • Kilogram Calories (kcal)

  • Kilogram-Force Meter (kgf∙m)

  • Kilojoules (kJ)

  • Kilopond Meters (kp∙m)

  • Kiloton Explosive (kt)

  • Kilowatt Hour (kW∙h)

  • Liter Atmosphere (l∙atm)

  • Megacalories 15°C (Mcal)

  • Megacalories I.T. (Mcal)

  • Megaelectronvolt (MeV)

  • Megajoules (MJ)

  • Megalerg (Merg)

  • Megaton Explosive (Mt)

  • Megawatt Hour (MW∙h)

  • Meter Kilogram-Force (m∙kgf)

  • Microjoules (μJ)

  • Millijoules (mJ)

  • Myriawatt Hour (myW∙h)

  • Nanojoules (nJ)

  • Newton Meter (N∙m)

  • Petajoules (PJ)

  • Petawatthours (PW∙h)

  • Pferdestärkenstunde (hp∙h)

  • Picojoules (pJ)

  • Q Units (q-units)

  • Quad (quad)

  • Teraelectronvolt (TeV)

  • Terajoules (TJ)

  • Terawatthour (TW∙h)

  • Therm Europe (thm)

  • Therm USA (thm)

  • Thermie (th)

  • Ton Explosive (t)

  • Tonne of Coal Equivalent (t)

  • Tonne of Oil Equivalent (t)

  • Watthour (W∙h)

  • Wattsecond (W∙s)

  • Yoctojoules (yJ)

  • Yottajoules (YJ)

  • Yottawatthour (YW∙h)

  • Zeptojoules (zJ)

  • Zettajoules (ZJ)

  • Zettawatthour (ZW∙h)


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