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Dynamic Viscosity

Convert between pounds per feet per hour (lb/ft/hr), kilograms per meter per second (kg/m/s), ounces per inch per hour (oz/in/hr), milligrams per centimeter pe…

Mass Flow Rate

Convert between pounds per hour (lb/hr), kilograms per day (kg/day), ounces per second (oz/s), tons per month (t/mo), milligrams per nanosecond (mg/ns) and man…

Mass Flux

Convert between kilograms per second per meter squared (kg/s/m2), pounds per hour per foot per foot (lb/s/ft2), grams per second per meter per meter (g/s/m2), …

Mole Flow Rate

Convert between mole per day (mol/day), millimole per second (mmol/s), gigamole per week (Gmol/wk), megamole per year (Mmol/yr), micromole per minute (µmol/min…

Substance Concentration

Convert between moles per liter (mol/L), molar (M), micromoles per cubic meter (µmol/m3), millimoles per cup (mmol/c), nanomolar (nM) and many other variations…

Surface Tension

Convert between newtons per meter (N/m), millinewtons per inches (mN/in), ounce-force per foot (ozf/ft), poundal per centimeter (pdl/cm) and many other variati…

Volume Flow Rate

Convert between gallons per hour (gal/hr), liters per minute (L/min), milliliter per second (mL/s), pint per day (pt/day) and many other variations of volume f…

Water Weight

Convert between cups (c), gallons (gal), liters (L), milliters (mL), and pints (pt) of water to pounds (lb), ounces (oz), grams (g), kilograms (kg) and many ot…

Weight to Volume

Convert between pounds (lb) and cubic feet (ft3), kilograms (kg) and cubic meters (m3), ounces (oz) and gallons (gal), milligrams (mg) and liters (L) and many …



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