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Volume Flow Rate Unit Converter

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Description: Convert between gallons per hour (gal/hr), liters per minute (L/min), milliliter per second (mL/s), pint per day (pt/day) and many other variations of volume flow rate units.

Supported Volume Conversion Units for the Volume Flow Rate Unit Converter

  • Acre Foot (ac∙ft)

  • Acre Foot US Survey (ac∙ft)

  • Acre Inch (ac∙in)

  • Attoliter (aL)

  • Barrel Beer US (bl)

  • Barrel Dry US (bl)

  • Barrel Liquid US (bl)

  • Barrel Petroleum US (bl)

  • Barrel UK (bl)

  • Barrel Wine UK (bl)

  • Billion Cubic Meter (billion m3)

  • Board Foot Measure (FBM)

  • Bucket UK (bkt)

  • Bucket US (bkt)

  • Bushel Dry US (bu)

  • Bushel UK (bu)

  • Centiliter (cL)

  • Cord Firewood (cd-ft)

  • Cord Foot Timber (cd-ft)

  • Cubic Angstrom (A3)

  • Cubic Centimeter (cm3)

  • Cubic Cubit Ancient Egypt (cubic dhirā)

  • Cubic Decimeter (dm3)

  • Cubic Dekameter (dam3)

  • Cubic Foot (ft3)

  • Cubic Hectometer (hm3)

  • Cubic Inch (in3)

  • Cubic Kilometer (km3)

  • Cubic Meter (m3)

  • Cubic Micrometer (μm3)

  • Cubic Mile (mi3)

  • Cubic Millimeter (mm3)

  • Cubic Nanometer (nm3)

  • Cubic Picometer (pm3)

  • Cubic Yard (yd3)

  • Cup Canada (c)

  • Cup Metric (c)

  • Cup US (c)

  • Decaliter (daL)

  • Deciliter (dL)

  • Dekaliter (daL)

  • Dessertspoon Metric (dsp)

  • Dram (dr)

  • Drum Petroleum Metric (drum)

  • Drum Petroleum US (drum)

  • Exaliter (EL)

  • Femtoliter (fL)

  • Fifth (fifth)

  • Gallon Dry US (gal)

  • Gallon Liquid US (gal)

  • Gallon UK (gal)

  • Gallon US (gal)

  • Gigaliter (GL)

  • Gill UK (gi)

  • Gill US (gi)

  • Gram Sugar (g)

  • Gram Water (g)

  • Half US Gallon (half-gallon-usa)

  • Hectare Meter (ha∙m)

  • Hectoliter (hL)

  • Hogshead UK (hhd)

  • Hogshead US (hhd)

  • Imperial Gallon (gil)

  • Jack Wine (jack)

  • Jigger (jigger)

  • Kiloliter (kL)

  • Kilolitro (kL)

  • Liter (L)

  • Litro (L)

  • Measure Ancient Hebrew (measure)

  • Megaliter (ML)

  • Microliter (μL)

  • Microlitro (μL)

  • Milliliter (mL)

  • Millilitro (mL)

  • Million Cubic Meter (million m3)

  • Minim UK (min)

  • Minim US (min)

  • Nanoliter (nL)

  • Ounce Liquid UK (oz)

  • Ounce Liquid US (oz)

  • Peck UK (pk)

  • Peck US (pk)

  • Petaliter (PL)

  • Picoliter (pL)

  • Pint Dry US (pt)

  • Pint Liquid US (pt)

  • Pint UK (pt)

  • Pipe UK (pipe)

  • Pipe US (pipe)

  • Pony (pony)

  • Pottle Liquid (pottle)

  • Quart Ancient Hebrew (qt)

  • Quart Dry US (qt)

  • Quart Germany (qt)

  • Quart Liquid US (qt)

  • Quart UK (qt)

  • Quarter Liquid UK (quarter)

  • Shot (shot)

  • Stere (stere)

  • Tablespoon Metric (tbsp)

  • Tablespoon UK (tbsp)

  • Tablespoon US (tbsp)

  • Teaspoon Metric (tsp)

  • Teaspoon UK (tsp)

  • Teaspoon US (tsp)

  • Teraliter (TL)

  • Thousand Cubic Meter (thousand m3)

  • Trillion Cubic Meter (trillion m3)

  • US Fluid Ounce (fl oz)

  • Yard (yd)

Supported Time Conversion Units for the Volume Flow Rate Unit Converter

  • Per Anomalistic Months (mo)

  • Per Anomalistic Years (yr)

  • Per Attoseconds (as)

  • Per Centiseconds (cs)

  • Per Centuries (centuries)

  • Per Days (days)

  • Per Decades (decades)

  • Per Decaseconds (das)

  • Per Deciseconds (ds)

  • Per Draconic Months (mo)

  • Per Draconic Years (yr)

  • Per Exaseconds (Es)

  • Per Femtoseconds (fs)

  • Per Fortnights (fortnights)

  • Per Gaussian Years (yr)

  • Per Gigaseconds (Gs)

  • Per Gregorian Months (mo)

  • Per Gregorian Years (yr)

  • Per Hectoseconds (hs)

  • Per Hours (hr)

  • Per Jubilees (jubilees)

  • Per Julian Months (mo)

  • Per Julian Years (yr)

  • Per Kiloseconds (ks)

  • Per Lunar Years (yr)

  • Per Megaseconds (Ms)

  • Per Microseconds (μs)

  • Per Millenniums (millenniums)

  • Per Milliseconds (ms)

  • Per Minutes (min)

  • Per Months (mo)

  • Per Nanoseconds (ns)

  • Per Olympiads (olympiads)

  • Per Petaseconds (Ps)

  • Per Picoseconds (ps)

  • Per Quarter (quarter)

  • Per Seconds (s)

  • Per Shakes (shakes)

  • Per Sidereal Months (mo)

  • Per Sidereal Years (yr)

  • Per Synodic Months (mo)

  • Per Teraseconds (Ts)

  • Per Tropical Months (mo)

  • Per Tropical Years (yr)

  • Per Weeks (wk)

  • Per Years (yr)

  • Per Yoctoseconds (ys)

  • Per Yottaseconds (Ys)

  • Per Zeptoseconds (zs)

  • Per Zettaseconds (Zs)


Though every effort has been made to test this unit converter, we are not to be held liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages or monetary losses of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use of any of the converter tools and information sourced from this website. This unit converter is provided as a service to you, please use at your own risk. Do not use calculations for anything where loss of life, money, property, etc could result from inaccurate unit conversions.

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